The West Palm Beach CRA is accepting proposals from qualified firms to operate the restored SunsetLounge, a historical restaurant/supper club and entertainment venue in the Historic Northwest neighborhood of the City of West Palm Beach. The Operator shall program, manage and operate the 150-seat bar and restaurant/supper club and state-of-the-art entertainment venue, along with the rooftop bar and patio. 

The Operator shall program the entertainment venue with such events and recognized artists to establish the Sunset Lounge as a cultural tourism destination. Events and entertainment should reflect culturally relevant music and acts that are inclusive of the history of the venue and neighborhood. 

The Operator shall, from time to time, provide programming and manage events for Heart & Soul park in connection with activities at the Sunset Lounge. The ultimate objective is the revival of the Sunset Lounge as a state-of-the-art performance and art-focused venue and African American cultural tourism destination that pays homage to its rich jazz history and the black history of the area, which further encourages the economic development of the historic Northwest neighborhood. Additionally, the CRA desires that the Sunset Lounge operator provide direct community benefits through the offering of music lessons, art.

West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency

401 Clematis Street,

West Palm Beach, FL 33401



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